The Beginning of Angel Card Readings

The Beginning of Angel Card ReadingsMany people frequently ask this question as to when and how the Angel card reading started. No one knew exactly how and when it started but it is said to have originated after nineteenth century. It is said that the Angel cards are heirs of Oracle cards which were used by gypsies. These cards used to have symbols and images that have unique interpretation. The oracle cards of France became very popular among the believers.

A most famous oracle reader
Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand was a famous oracle reader who had astounded rich and powerful elite with her skillful readings using oracle cards. It was because of her fame that various decks were made with her name which became widely used and popular and are still in use.


Angel Card Reading 2

A variety of unique Angel Card decks
With time, these oracle cards took various shapes, Angel Cards being one of them. A vast variety of Angel Card decks is available today. Each deck has a unique element. Although these deck differ in their content but the intention and purpose is the same i.e. to guide, help, encourage and support the person who is seeking help from an Angel Card Reading.

Different decks – concept and symbols
Among the various varieties of decks, some are such the each angel is associated with an idea or concept regarding which the angel gives the explanation and interpretation. Archangel oracle cards by Doreen Virtues are one such example. Another type of deck by Doreen named Healing with Angels does not associate angels with certain concept but rather contains symbols through which the angels guide the seeker.

An Angel Card Reader chooses the deck according to his/her understanding and ability. The type of deck used in the Angel Card Reading doesn’t matter much as to the message that has been conveyed to the seeker. Therefore one should pay more attention to reading.